Catch the future in your house with home automation.


It's about making ideas happen

Smart and low cost home automation for everyone

Easy to install

You can install your DEMOTIC devices in a minute. No electrical backgroud required

Easy to Customize

Do you wont more devices tomorrow? Don't worry, you can extend your solution in a time.

Easy for everyone

A new business model. Low-cost devices or a light subscription for 24 months

Fully compatibility with many other devices and controllers

Z-WAVE Protocol are fully compatible many thirth part devices and controllers more otherdevices. See video for futher details

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Open Source Project to new innovation democratic system

Different needs, tailored solutions. Whether you are an installer, do-it-yourself enthousiast, service provider, system provider: DEMOTIC provides you with the perfect solution.

Use our control system, use our pretty interface and build you personal solution!

Get out of the Building. You are offbeat!

Ideal for house, apartment, loft, office, big company, public building, etc.

Everything you need to get your Startup Home Automation System and ready to go.

Save money and time for your life and your family and entrusted your comfort to DEMOTIC.

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Explore Features

The DEMOTIC’s device is more than just a product, it’s a way of thinking.

Micro Switch: invisible technology heart of your house

DEMOTIC micro switches create the perfect ambiance for your home. It has been crafted to work with your home’s existing technology. Using the power of Z-Wave wireless communication, the Micro Smart Switch will make your existing switch a smart switch. It is the smallest device in its category worldwide, and the only device specifically intended for use both as a Relay Switch with integrated power meter.

Love your house

Here’s the thing about both comfort and style: They are completely subjective. What may look like a professionally designed space to you may not be someone else’s cup of tea and the same holds true for whether or not you find a room relaxing as opposed to much too busy.

Numerous Colour Schemes

Since only you can determine if something fits within your aesthetic taste and comfort level, our best advice is to try to see all of your design elements in person before buying them. Online shopping is great for connivence, but sometimes photographs can miss tiny details that make a design really pop. Similarly, no amount of written descriptions to tell you how you’ll feel about lounging on a piece of furniture after a particularly long day.

Tons of Elements

Once you’ve found design elements that work for you, buy them with confidence! Remember, in the long run it doesn’t matter whether the pieces are traditional, traditional, or super modern. As long as you’re happy with them, they’ll be worthwhile investments for your home.

Never come to a dark house

Z-Wave is the most trusted choice for remote home security. Light your outdoor path and turn on your indoor lights before you arrive home

Meet the Team

We are a passionate team of designers, developers and marketing experts with headquarters in Melbourne.

Simone Cascino

Lead designer with experience in most things visual. He loves trying out new techniques and finding the perfect solution for any kind of requirements.

Sergio Tropea

Director of Growth and Customer Acquisition. She enjoys the finer details of a project, considering every stage of its journey from planning to completion.

Roberto Torta

Full stack hacker, product design, backend development, user interface and everything in between. He likes to keep things simple and focus on the little details.


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